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I present some English (series E) and Marathi (series M) articles. My brief biodata, as well as some English and Marathi links are given at the end of this Index page.

  English Articles List
E01 Peculiarities of English Language     Refer E16, E17
E02 Globish ( Parallel English with neat spelling )    Refer E16, E17
E03 Marathi in Roman script (with sound of 8 proverbs)     (also see M22) 
E04 Roman Lipi Parishad (Refer para 1 to 13)     
E05 Vocalist Nirmala Gogate (with a Marathi song in Roman script),(Marathi Songs), (Photos)    
E06 Closed ( October 07, 2019)
E07 Structural Engineering    
E08 Vastushastra Fallacies  
E09 Global Numerals  
E10 Religious Problems    
E11 Pride and Shame      
E12 Sanskrit Subhaashit (with sound of 5 verses)    
E13 Earth Spin Gravity Quiz (related to river linking in India)      
E14 Impact of English Language on Marathi      
E15 Sister Languages        
E16 Globish (Parallel English) Principles      Refer E17
E17 English Spelling Problem      
  Marathi Articles List
  Marathi articles are in Devanagari script in pdf format. Their titles are given here in Roman script. Click on titles. Short English theme (with symbol =) is given along with each title, for notice of search engines.
M01 maraat’hi vidnyaan parishadechi janmakathaa = Origin of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad
M02 vidnyaanpremi pu. la. deshpaand’e = Eminent author PL Deshpande admired Science
M03 kahaan’i vidnyaandevaachi = Tradition of Marathi Vidnyan Sammelan
M04 pokal’ pruthvi = Science fiction story Hollow Earth
M05 paarampaarik va lalit vidnyaan saahitya = Marathi Vidnyan Parishad and science fiction
M06 vidnyaan shikshan’ tadnya vi. go. kulkarn’i = VG Kulkarni and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
M07 vaastushaastra -- kaahi shankaa = Some doubts on Vastushastra
M08 samaaj rachanaa vichaar = Thoughts on social fabric
M09 maraat’hi bhaashaa, vidnyaan aan’i vaidnyaanik drusht’ikon = Marathi language, science and scientific outlook
M10 maraat’hi, ingraji aan’i vidnyaan = Marathi, English and Science
M11 maraat’hi bhaashechaa roman aavishkaar = Optional Roman script for Marathi
M12 maraat’hi roman lipi gaaid’ ( also see E03) = Devanagari and Roman Symbol Equivalents for Marathi. (M12, M21 combined to form M22 in 2009.)
M13 pun’e abhiyantaa sansthaa = Institution of Engineers (India) Pune
M14 vidnyaanaachi kasot’i aan’i jyotish = Scientific tests and astrology
M15 maraat'hi vidnyaan parishadech'e kaarya = Activities of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad.
M16 vaidyak patrakaar d'r suresh naad'karn'i = Health Journalist Dr. Suresh Nadkarni.
M17 vidnyaan sammelanaatle kisse = Anecdotes of Vidnyan Sammelans.
M18 maraat'hi vidnyaan parishadechaa vistaar = Growth of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad.
M19vidnyaanpremi prasanna vyakti d'r raa.vi.saat'he = Eminent Dr R V Sathe.  
M20suchanaasaar = Gist of suggestions.  
M21 maraat'hi naumne don lipyaat = Marathi samples in 2 scripts. (M12, M21 combined to form M22 in 2009.)
M22 maraat'hisaat'hi roman lipi chinhe va namune = Roman script symbols, examples for Marathi.
M23 maraat'hisaat'hi jaagatik anka = Global numerals for Marathi    

NOTE : M20, M22,M23 (all pdf) Updated ... are in Devanagari script (as per Unicode)
              M22 (M12 + M21) is updated

Some useful links --- (E) English text (M) Marathi text in Devanagari script (lipi).

photo of m n gogate Short biodata
I am Madhukar Narayan Gogate. I am a retired structural engineer born in 1932. I know Marathi (mothertongue), English, Hindi, Sanskrit. I lived in Mumbai until 1996, currently residing in Pune (India). I have visited UK, USA etc. I am a founder and past president of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad. I was a convener of some joint programs of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad Pune Vibhag and Institution of Engineers Pune Centre (during period 2002 to 2009). I have given number of talks on various topics at some Colleges, Schools, Clubs, Radio and TV. Please email (text only) in (1) English (2) Marathi, Hindi in Roman or Devanagari (unicode) script . My email address is (mng1932@yahoo.com) preferable, and (mng1932@gmail.com). Phone (020)24537574 and (020)24539275. Postal Address - 4 Pavan Apts, Lakshmi Park, Navi Peth, Pune 411030, India.
(MNG Glimpse of Research in Engineering  Press here ). Visit article E17. It is about my proposal on English Spelling Problem. Article E06 is on science popularization by Marathi Vidnyan Parishad (I am activist from start in 1966).


(a) Closures My following two discussion groups are closed in September 2005. globish-english@yahoogroups.com and marathi-romanscript@yahoogroups.com My earlier following two websites are closed. (Contents were transferred to this website in December 2004) http://education.vsnl.com/mngogate and http://balasainet.com/mngogate
(b) Sounds and their frequencies vary from language to language. Choose Roman symbols to suit respective needs. Do not adopt an over-precise script which is complex and burdensome.
(c) Latin Script (Roman script) can be used for Marathi. Refer articles E03,   E04,   E15,   M12 ,  M21,   M22 in (www.mngogate.com)
(d) Hindi and Marathi are written in (almost common) Devanagari script. Many words are common. Hindi-knowers, unfamiliar with Marathi, can judge say 50 % sense of Marathi text, in Devanagari or Roman. Science is known as vigyaan in Hindi, vidnyaan in Marathi.
(e) Contents transferred to article E16 .
(f) Request Please circulate this website and send comments. Thanks.

--- Madhukar N. Gogate

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