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  1. Ms. Nirmala Gogate (born 1936) is a well known vocalist in Classical Hindustani Music. She was trained by doyens of Hindustani Music like C R Vyas, B R Deodhar, G D Agni, V R Athavale. She got training in Natya Sangeet from Krishnarao Chonkar, Govindrao Patwardhan and Purushottam Walawalkar. She is well known for Natya Sangeet on Marathi and Sanskrit stage. She has authored a book in Marathi on inter-relation of music on Gujarati, Marathi and Kannada. stage. She has given number of public performances in India and United States.
  2. She had appeared on TV and radio number of times. Her Marathi record < shrihari god' tujhi baasari (Lord Krishna ! Your flute sounds sweet.) > sung in Raag Bhairavi is well acclaimed by Marathi music lovers. She was honoured to present the Song of Maharashtra when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi inaugurated new Maharashtra Vidhan Bhavan (Legislature Building) at Mumbai in 1981. She was recipient of Balgandharva award of Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Natya Parishad (2001), Ram Marathe award by Pune Bharat Gayan Samaj (2011), Annasaheb Kirloskar Sangeet Rangabhoomi Jeevangaurav Puraskaar award by Maharashtra Govt. (November 2017) etc.
    In yesteryears, she played musical heroine roles with Stalwarts like Ram Marathe, Chhota Gandharva and Daji Bhatawdekar.
    Names of Marathi plays:- Swayamwar, Saubhadra, Manapaman, Samshaykallol, Ekach Pyala, Vidyaharan etc.
    Names of Sanskrit plays:- Shakuntalam, Mrichchhakatikam, Uttararamacharitam etc.
  3. Married to Mr. Madhukar Gogate, she lives in Pune. Her maiden name was Nirmala Bapat. ( Index Page > biodata > contact)
  4. Sampling of a song (recording in 1993 at a club) by Nirmala Gogate - Click here to listen Vad Jaau Kunala Sharana in mp3 format(354KB). English meanings are given in brackets below: Symbol-sound relations for Marathi are given in articles (e03.htm, m22.pdf) on this website. Suitable browser (like IE) enables to read text, while listening.

    vada (tell) j'aau (may I go) kun'aalaa (to whom) sharan'a ( for protection) ga (oh) ?
    karila (will do) j'o (one who) haran'a (removal) sankat'aach'e (of crisis)
    mi (I) dharina (shall touch) charan'a (feet) tyaach'e (of him) aga (oh)
    sakhaye (dear friend).

This is at start of a song (with musical instruments) in Marathi play Saubhadra, in raag jogiyaa (tunes of pathos). Here princess Subhadra, distressed by lack of support from her family, repeatedly and repeatedly asks her close companion (sakhaye, ga, aga are ways to call a female friend). Tell me dear friend, please tell me, who will resolve this crisis? I shall touch feet of (= bow to ) that person.

Without above comment, one can still get sense of the song by reading Marathi words and their English meanings. A song may become dull, if its words & meanings are not understood properly. Note that words such as (karila, dharina) are uttered as (karil, dharin) in daily prose talks. Here, Marathi word (mi) is stretched as (meeeee) to suit singing tunes. Such liberty might be required for some words in songs

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(Titles in Devanagari script.)

संगीत स्वयंवर
मम आत्मा गमला -clip
सुजन कसा मन चोरी -clip
एकला नयनाला -clip
रूपबली तो नरशार्दुल -clip

संगीत मानापमान

हा टकमक पाही -clip
मी अधना -clip
पाही सदा मी -clip


मी बोलू कुणा -clip
श्रीहरी गोड तुझी बासरी -clip


Nirmala Gogate while playing a role on Marathi stage   Nirmala Gogate 2015  

Balgandharwa Sangeet Rasik Mandal, Pune.
Phone (9823572327)
Email (balgandharwa@gmail.com) released an audio CD with 17 songs by Nirmala Gogate (as Rukmini) in Marathi Play "Swayamwar".
CD made in 2015, bears her photo in 2015. Songs were tape-recorded in 1965 at a Play performance.

Nirmala Gogate (year 1965)   Nirmala Gogate (year 2015)    
Nirmala Gogate presenting a favorite song of Dinananth Mangeshkar
Nirmala Gogate presenting a favorite song of Deenanath Mangeshkar, legendary singer on Marathi stage. Veteran film actor Dilip Kumar and world-famous singer Lata Mangeshkar (daughter of Deenanath) were present at a function to rename a road as Deenanath Mangeshkar Road. ( Location -- A hill opposite to Bhatia Hospital in south Mumbai. Around year 1982)
Nirmala Gogate singing at 1978 Marathi Vidnyan Parishad
Nirmala Gogate giving voice culture demonstration, with Sita Tipnis (harmonium) and Prof R V Sovani to explain the related human anatomy. Year 1978 Marathi Vidnyan Sammelan. Nirmala took training in voice culture from renowned vocalist B.R. Deodhar.
Nirmala Gogate while playing a role on Marathi stage
Nirmala Gogate & Ram Bapat in Uttararamcharitam
(Sanskrit play) (year 1961)
Nirmala Gogate (year 1965)


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